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Super Bowl XLI Early Odds

January 24, 2007 gives you the early odds on the Super Bowl match-up between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. The Colts have opened up as seven point favorites showing the perceived dominance of the AFC. The Over / Under is at 48.5 points.

Indianapolis (15-4) exercised a lot of demons with their 38-34 win over New England. Sure, the Colts had beaten the Patriots the last two times they played in the regular season. However, Indianapolis was knocked out of the playoffs by them in 2003 and 2004, and another defeat might have been too much for Indy fans to bear.

The Colts’ defense took a step back in the AFC championship game, allowing 34 points after just 14 combined in their first two playoff contests. While Chicago’s offense is not exactly potent, Indianapolis does not want to revert back to the days where their offense had to win the game by themselves.

Chicago (15-3) was the class of the NFC all season, but many people believed that their quarterback, Rex Grossman would eventually be their undoing. Grossman did not play great in the NFC championship game against the Saints, but it was good enough.

The Bears defense was a very aggressive unit on Sunday, ripping the ball from the arms of Saints’ players with alarming frequency. That is how their defense was playing in the beginning of the regular season, before they regressed a bit down the stretch.

The Indianapolis offense will be Chicago’s greatest test this season, and it is great to see the strength of each team collide head-to-head.

Another interesting part about this game is that these two cities are located only 180 miles down the road from each other, smack dab in the Midwest. Chicago is by far the biggest city in that region, with Indianapolis clearly in its shadow.

Although the East and West Coast are not represented in this Super Bowl, network executives do not have to worry about limited interest in the game.

Peyton Manning is a household name, partly because of the regular season MVP’s he has won, and partially due to his vast array of commercials. If you sometimes walk around your house saying “cut that meat”, then you have been subliminally influenced by one of Manning’s commercials.

Fans around the world want to see if Manning can finally make it over the final hump. The Colts win over New England was great, and it reminded sports fans of when the Red Sox finally beat the Yankees in 2004 to make the World Series, or when Michael Jordan’s Bulls finally got past the Pistons to make their first NBA championship.

Both the Red Sox and Bulls ended up winning championships, not just make it to the finals, and that is exactly what Manning must do. If he can’t close the deal by beating the Bears, then his AFC championship triumph will soon be forgotten.

The other big story line in this game is the coaching match-up of Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. Both men are two of the good guys in the game, and they are close friends to boot. The winner will make history as the first African-American to win the Super Bowl, a good sideline to say the least.

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