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World Series of Poker Prize Pool Down $22,727,208.

July 11, 2007

All is not well in Las Vegas as the World Series of Poker 'Main Event' is in full swing.

The 2007 World Series of Poker No Limit Texas Hold'em Championship Event is in day three. The most significant news about this monster tournament is the number of players and prize pool in comparison to last years record $82,512,162. In 2006, 8,773 players contributed to that record.

This year saw a decrease in attendance by almost 2,500 players.

The totals for 2007, although significantly lower, are not too bad considering the strong stand the United States took on U.S. citizens playing poker on-line this past year.

There were fewer chances to win seats on-line and many poker sites stopped players from the United States from playing at all, or sponsoring tournament events that could get you to the World Series of Poker 'Main Event'.

This year 6,358 players bought in for $10,000 each to take the total prize pool to $59,784,954. The difference, a whopping decrease of  $22,727,208 in cash and 2,415 players. 

If you want to put most of the blame on the United States on-line anti-gambling stand, you have a good case. You can see why many Americans are unhappy with what has transpired over the past year and how many lives have been affected.

From the people in the United States who enjoyed playing on-line in the privacy of their own homes, to the dealers,floor persons,and other personnel who now have no work,to the Casino owners,stock holders and others, the Government hit a home run. Or did it?

Internet gambling prior to 2007, especially poker, introduced hundreds of thousands of new players to casinos and poker rooms around the country.

It was responsible for hundreds of millions in tax revenue and had the Government been smart and legalized on-line gaming, it would have added untold millions more.

Once again why let common sense and the will of the people have any effect on the laws and decisions our leaders make.The so called war, immigration,global warming,health care, playing poker,they are all the same.What the majority wants, the minority gets.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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