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Betting Exchanges: Reducing Your Juice

With the absence of Pinnacle Sports in the US Market, the void has been filled by betting exchanges. Currently, the top betting exchange, is increasing their liquidity by the day.

It really is a sports bettor's dream. You set your own prices. Instead of accepting the current price ( +7.5 -109), you have the option to make an offer for a better price.

Now lets just say you make an offer for (+7.5 -102), that means someone has to "match" the other side. So there is now an offer for (-7.5, +102) and once that offer has been accepted, you now have a "match" or your bet has been placed.

Now the reason why this is such a powerful tool, is because of the power of reduced juice.

An Example of reducing your juice would be the following:

2% 10%
Starting Bankroll 100,000 100,000
Record (58%) 58-42 58-42
Win $ at 10K per 580,000 580,000
Loss $ at 10K per 428,400 462,000 Profit 151,600 118,000

As you can see you made an extra $33,600 just from reducing your juice. Let me say that one more time. You made an extra $33,600 by picking the same games, yet reducing your juice made you extra money!

It really cannot be stressed enough how important this is. Now with Matchbook increasing its popularity and liquidity the opportunity to average a reduced juice is even easier than ever before.

While books like Pinnacle offer (-104), you can actually reduce it further than what they allow because you set the rules. You do not wager with a "book" per se, but with other bettors.

If there ever was a question if you could get your bet matched, let me answer and clear up any confusion. You can get $100k down within the hour. The markets are constantly being replenished and if only half of your offer is taken at first bid, there are 10 others waiting to eat it up.

In conclusion, if you have not given the exchange a chance, you need to. With numerous deposit/withdraw options, the ability to set your own prices and being the sister book to WSEX, it should be in everyone's betting arsenal.
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