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Rickjs handicapping picks wk of 11/1

Rickjs handicapping picks wk of 11/1

Discuss Rickjs handicapping picks wk of 11/1 in the NFL Football Betting forum.
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Default Rickjs handicapping picks wk of 11/1

Another good weekend in football. College was 3-1 and although there were no picks in the Nfl this weekend I am 3-1 in both contests with Houston +5.5 going tonight.

Should be either a small pickup in the contests with 3-2 or a large pickup if houston covers. Nice spot to be in on a very tough week for me.

Nothing tonight in the nba or nhl.

The fastest way to get these picks is with twitter. My twitter id is rickjsportplays With twitter you can have the messages sent to your cell with text messages. I always post the plays on twitter first.

An email:

I want to thank you for the hard work you put into handicapping and sharing it with us. One problem I have is sometimes the picks just look so bad I cannot bring myself to bet on them. Inevitably those are the ones that do the best.

Any advice?

My response:

I used to have the same problem. I would handicap and then pass on a few games where i just felt that how could they cover.

Its a constant battle to fight human nature. All your instincts are going to attempt to sabotage your success. Its too deep to get into why...but its a fact very few people can put human nature aside and be successful at gambling. Sooner or later except in the most disciplined its going to attempt to get you

Probably the best analogy I can think of is what you learn as an instrument rated pilot. I flew for almost 30 years...20 years of that I was instrument rated.

The first thing you learn when your flying with no visual flight in the clouds and cannot see anything... Is that if your instincts and feelings tell you one thing but your instruments tell you something else....believe your instruments!!!!!

Thats why you hear from time to time of people flying a perfectly good airplane into the ground. They believe in there heads something is wrong...adjust the controls...when the reality is if they would of believed there instruments they would of been ok.

A lot can happen to you when your flying IFR. Vertigo can set in, confusion, panic, hyperventilation etc. But you can prevent all this by focusing on your instruments and flying and adjusting by what they tell you not what you believe or think.

Its the same for handicapping. Once you have a good technique that has been proven and your confident in...follow it....dont succumb to your old thinking...the way the public thinks year in and year out and loses.

Lee on the road in game 1 only laying -118...a gift? Not according to the instrument! Alabama -7...number 1 team in the country that has won 19 straight....against s. carolina...a gift....not according to the instruments.

You get the drift by now.....its an instinct you have to fight to be successful. When you feel yourself slipping...just ask I want to go back to the unsuccessful public way....or a logical methodical approach that has the best chance of succeeding.

Hope this helps.

Nfl 2010

Picks 10-5 66.66%

Hilton Contest 25-13-1 65.78%
Leroys Contest 26-13 66.66%

Ncaa FB

Picks: 15-9-1 62.5%

NHL 2010-11

Picks 5-3 +2.25

Nba 2010-2011(for tracking purposes only...not betting this year)

Totals 3-3

Mlb 2010

plays 29-28 +13.32
leans 50-55 +5.28

Plays 2-0 +2.19
Leans 1-3 -1.93

Plays 8-7 +3.63
Leans 9-14 -3.20

plays 5-4 +3.73
leans 12-16 -0.95

Play 1-3 -1.61
Lean 6-4 +3.80

Play 6-5 +3.49
Lean 7-12 -3.58

play: 7-2 +6.90
Leans: 8-1 +8.84

plays: 1-6 -4.92
Leans: 7-7 +2.30

Twitter: rickjsportplays
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