Guarantee Policy on Premium Picks

The sports handicappers at Sports Capper Island guarantee to show a profit on their premium picks or you will receive a subscription of equal value to what you originally paid for.

We do not offer a money back guarantee, but if our handicappers put together a losing performance, then they do want to try and make things right.

Most customers understand that it’s impossible to win every single day, and that even hitting over 70% for an entire season is not a realistic goal.

All you have to shoot for is a season of hitting 55-60% on all of your bets and you can win quite a bit of money during that time frame.

We often get emails about a handicapper who lost on a single pick or for the day and the client calls out the handicapper being terrible or just guessing.

The aspect of betting that these individuals do not understand is that our services focus on the long haul and not on day-to-day profits. It is simply not possible to hit every single pick, period.

Guarantee Picks Policy

1. Our handicappers guarantee their subscriptions with site credit equal to the amount of your purchase. This guarantee only applies to losing subscriptions.

2. If your subscription does not show a profit, credit is applied to your account automatically. Credit cannot be applied until all games in your subscription are final.

3. A guarantee credit payout is paid based on profit, not winning percentage. All picks are graded as bets to win 100 units (negative juice) or bets of 100 units (positive juice).

Example: A game with -110 juice would require a bet of 110 to win 100 units, while a game with +125 juice would allow a bet of 100 units to win 125.

4. Odds used for grading games are selected by the handicapper at the time the pick is published. While we make every effort to provide accurate odds, we cannot guarantee the same odds will be available to you at the time of purchase.

The reason for this policy is that we want to turn you into a serious investor, which means riding out the winning and losing streaks over the course of a full season betting all of our releases on a daily basis.

We don’t want you to go on tilt and press your bets if you hit a small slump, but instead be the kind of player that can focus on the long term.

If you have any questions , please refer to the FAQ page or contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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