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Sports Handicapper Leaderboards

View leaders and rankings of the best sports handicappers sorted by profit of the day, week, month, 60 days, by sport and overall for 2019. Start following a profitable handicapper below.

Yesterday's Best
Chip Chirimbes$527
Kyle Hunter$300
Doc's Sports$295
Cole Faxon$244
Jimmy Boyd$239
This Week's Best
Tim Michael$1,201
Alex Smart$946
Kyle Hunter$890
Ray Monohan$745
Will Rogers$703
Best This Month
Jeff Alexander$2,681
Alex Smart$1,795
Chip Chirimbes$1,775
Art Aronson$1,471
Bryan Leonard$1,470
Overall Leaders
Jeff Alexander$4,813
Ray Monohan$2,812
Stephen Nover$2,604
Kyle Hunter$2,338
Mike Lundin$2,212
NBA Leaders
Ray Monohan$2,785
Rob Vinciletti$2,719
Doc's Sports$1,677
Chip Chirimbes$1,663
Andre Ramirez$1,646
CBB Leaders
Dana Lane$3,310
Kyle Hunter$3,002
Stephen Nover$2,563
Ray Monohan$2,383
Scott Rickenbach$2,127
NFL Leaders
Jeff Alexander$2,625
Sal Michaels$2,332
Marc David$2,055
Big Al McMordie$1,971
Johnny Banks$1,939
CFB Leaders
Ray Monohan$2,836
Jack Jones$2,324
Sean Higgs$2,154
Sal Michaels$2,004
Rob Vinciletti$1,781
MLB Leaders
Art Aronson$1,755
Jeff Alexander$1,691
Mike Lundin$1,498
Bryan Leonard$1,284
Bryan Power$1,074
Pre-Season NFL Leaders
Bryan Power$738
Johnny Banks$726
Cole Faxon$591
Doc's Sports$480
Doug Upstone$478
NHL Leaders
Alex Smart$2,973
Stephen Nover$2,413
Cole Faxon$1,540
Sal Michaels$1,373
Marc David$1,248
Best Last 60 Days
Jeff Alexander$2,246
Ray Monohan$1,998
Art Aronson$1,851
Bryan Leonard$1,591
Chip Chirimbes$1,483

Check out a more detailed leaderboard of top handicappers sorted by individual sports here.

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Jeff Alexander$4,813+7.4%53.8%321-27610119.30
2Ray Monohan$2,812+5.7%55.5%242-194-1108.56
3Stephen Nover$2,604+5.7%54.6%224-186-1086.05
4Kyle Hunter$2,338+8.8%56.9%136-103-10910.88
5Mike Lundin$2,212+5.2%55.1%206-168-1096.44
6Bryan Leonard$1,697+10.9%57.2%79-59-1078.59
7Cole Faxon$1,490+3.0%53.0%226-200-1071.58
8Marc David$1,399+5.4%56.3%121-94-1162.88
9Jimmy Boyd$1,287+3.8%53.1%163-144-1052.16
10Ross Benjamin$1,074+4.3%54.3%120-101-1092.04
11Michael Alexander$1,028+1.4%53.8%340-292-1150.12
12Sal Michaels$1,001+2.6%52.5%178-161-1051.13
13Trev Rogers$662+1.0%52.8%304-272-1090.45
14Dana Lane$440+0.6%52.6%366-330-1100.06
15Martin Griffiths$383+2.2%53.0%80-711034.18
16Joseph D'Amico$256+1.0%52.5%124-112-1090.07

Take a look at current leaderboards from the past 7, 30 and 60 days sorted by individual sports here.

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