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View documented rankings of the top 20+ handicappers in all sports combined since the start of 2020 below.

What you will also see are current top ranked handicapping services over the past 7, 30 and 60 days as well as all-time (since being tracked).

These are the most profitable and hottest sports bettors you will find, and who you want to start following.

If you prefer betting a specific sport, you can find a handicapper that specializes in one from the menu below.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Profit amounts are based off $100 unit/bet. Click on a handicapper's name to view their lastest picks and subscriptions.

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Dave Price$6,161+11.7%58.9%269-188-11038.88
2Juan Carlos Flores$4,798+3.0%52.2%592-541-1080.24
3Ricky Tran$4,684+7.4%59.5%285-194-12416.81
4Jeff Alexander$4,163+3.5%54.2%563-476-1106.81
5Scott Rickenbach$4,086+5.4%54.3%361-304-10610.68
6Info Plays$3,918+2.9%51.9%588-54510110.44
7Jimmy Boyd$3,562+3.4%52.9%459-409-1054.80
8Sal Michaels$2,985+3.5%53.0%393-349-1045.85
9Doc's Sports$2,937+4.5%54.8%309-255-1097.86
10Steve Janus$2,774+3.0%53.4%412-359-1083.54
11Brandon Lee$2,469+3.2%54.1%352-299-1103.73
12Bobby Conn$2,411+1.6%51.0%633-609-1011.28
13Rocky Atkinson$2,300+7.8%55.6%144-115-1077.95
14Stephen Nover$2,164+3.3%53.8%298-256-1083.88
15Jesse Schule$2,080+2.6%57.5%336-248-1301.22
16Marc David$1,500+2.6%53.3%269-236-1072.52
17Trev Rogers$1,492+3.8%54.4%190-159-1102.98
18Matt Fargo$1,265+1.9%53.0%300-266-1081.32
19Zack Cimini$1,029+3.0%53.4%163-142-1081.41
20Teddy Davis$969+1.5%51.9%289-268-1040.91
21Art Aronson$969+1.1%56.2%355-277-1250.49
22John Martin$390+0.3%51.7%507-474-1040.97
23Kyle Hunter$307+0.7%52.2%199-182-1080.07
24Cappers Club$255+0.3%52.0%356-328-1080.02
25Cole Faxon$233+0.3%48.9%371-3881102.42
26Chip Chirimbes$154+0.2%52.0%389-359-1080.01

Top 10 Hot Sports Bettors to Follow

Hot-Streak Alert! Below are the ten best pro handicappers and handicapping services ranked by profits over the last week, month and 60 days.

The sports plays in the short-term are usually the one's in-season or a specific sport that a handicapper specializes in.

NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, MLB baseball, NHL hockey are the most popular releases, but soccer, tennis, boxing and others are also covered.

Bryan Power$1,240+44.4%81.0%17-4
Rob Vinciletti$931+24.4%70.0%21-9
Johnny Banks$860+21.6%62.9%22-13
John Martin$787+27.8%68.0%17-8
Ricky Tran$693+34.8%70.6%12-5
Kyle Hunter$663+40.2%73.3%11-4
Freddy Wills$628+57.2%87.5%7-1
Ben Burns$625+25.1%68.4%13-6
Teddy Davis$564+36.6%75.0%9-3
Juan Carlos Flores$513+4.6%53.2%41-36
Ben Burns$1,837+11.9%62.1%72-44
Bryan Power$1,549+12.4%61.2%60-38
Kyle Hunter$1,359+22.7%64.7%33-18
Chip Chirimbes$1,176+10.4%56.4%57-44
Rob Vinciletti$1,025+6.6%59.8%73-49
Marc Lyle$894+27.2%66.7%18-9
Bobby Conn$882+5.8%52.7%69-62
Sal Michaels$869+11.5%59.7%37-25
Brandon Lee$864+9.2%57.5%46-34
Cappers Club$862+18.1%60.5%26-17
Juan Carlos Flores$3,671+4.9%53.5%292-254
Info Plays$2,350+6.5%55.2%165-134
Sal Michaels$2,070+10.8%55.8%92-73
Bobby Conn$1,859+4.2%51.6%198-186
Dave Price$1,762+9.8%58.7%91-64
Doc's Sports$1,724+8.5%56.9%99-75
Cole Faxon$1,698+6.0%48.4%120-128
Scott Rickenbach$1,647+7.3%55.3%109-88
Brandon Lee$1,612+7.6%57.3%102-76
Zack Cimini$1,460+12.4%58.6%61-43

Top 10 Sports Handicappers over the Long-Term

Do you prefer more than short-term success and consistency that spans over the current year?

These are the rare bettors that have been making money betting on sports over multiple years. The real professionals doing what it takes to profit year in and year out.

Take a look at the top ten most consistent pro handicappers (by profit) since they started being documented below.

Handicapper's Records and Full Transparency

The above rankings of win/loss records, winning percentages, ROI (return on investment) and profit amounts are 100% documented from real-time results that are tracked and updated on a daily basis.

All professional cappers, tipsters and betting experts on Sports Capper Island are fully transparent with their numbers and picks released.

The services here provide current and past season pick streaks of all free and paid selections for the sports they cover.

You can also view their top plays from yesterday and premium picks for sale today are always shown after the game has started.

You can see and verify the above information yourself by visiting any handicapper's profile page.

What handicapper should I follow to make the most money?

The proof is in the numbers and the numbers don't lie, but....

The better answer to that question likely comes down to your timing preference or if you prefer betting a specific sport.

If you want a winner for today or the next few days, we suggest taking a look at an expert on a current hot run that has been picking winners over the last 7 or 30 days.

Many handicapping services release a full day package of plays or multi-day subscriptions for you to save on over individual picks.

On the other hand, if you're looking to make a profit over an entire season or year, you should look to follow a pro bettor that has been consistently making money over a longer period of time. Like for a few months, at least.

We recommend checking out seasonal or yearly subscriptions offered by the handicapper in this case.

The answers above might sound obvious, but you should always narrow your list down to a few or even just one that make the most sense for you to follow.

The different rankings of handicappers on this page are meant to give you a good idea of the most successful money earners over multiple time frames.

It's ultimately up to you on selecting which one's are worth following to help you win more bets and continually build your bankroll.

Be sure to check out all available best bets of the day for Thursday from the leading sports bettors in the game right now.

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