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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Top Ranked Handicappers for 2023 CFL Season

All bettors are ranked by profit amount and based on $100/unit wagers. Click on an expert's name to view their latest picks, records, bio and more.

Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L Avg. Odds Sc Score
1 Matt Fargo $813 +26.5% 66.7% 18-9 -110 11.44
2 Tim Michael $739 +39.9% 75.0% 12-4 -116 15.82
3 Stephen Nover $395 +12.8% 59.3% 16-11 -110 2.59
4 Doc's Sports $359 +8.2% 56.4% 22-17 -109 1.42
5 Ricky Tran $330 +16.3% 61.1% 11-7 -112 2.52
6 Jim Feist $315 +13.6% 60.0% 12-8 -110 2.36
7 Scott Rickenbach $240 +3.6% 54.2% 32-27 -108 0.63
8 Jesse Schule $198 +3.7% 54.4% 25-21 -111 0.28
9 John Ryan $90 +27.3% 66.7% 2-1 -110 1.27
10 Info Plays $80 +14.8% 60.0% 3-2 -108 0.66
11 Dana Lane $61 +0.4% 52.7% 68-61 -110 0.03

Top 10 CFL Handicappers on Hot Streaks

Below are handicapping services on a winning streak over the last week, month and 60 days of the current Canadian football season.

If you want to follow a pro bettor that's on a hot run betting CFL football right now, then the cappers below should be a good fit for you.

Check back regularly to see who's on a current hot streak during the season. Don't miss your opportunity to cash-in with the hot-hand.

Best Canadian Football Cappers and Bettors Overall

Below you can see the most consistent profit earners over several seasons of betting the CFL.

These ten experts are the best when it comes to handicapping Canadian football over the long-term.

If you would rather follow a capper for consistent profits over multiple years, then you should closely monitor one of the experts below.

Top 5 Most Profitable CFL Handicappers

#1 Canadian football handicapper Rob Vinciletti
Rob is #1 on this list making over $2,800 in profits from his CFL picks since October 6, 2015. He has hit a tremendous 65.1% on all of his plays.
#2 CFL handicapping expert Matt Fargo
Fargo's $2,300 in profit is good for number 2 of all time on this network. Matt has won 62.3% of his CFL selections since July 22, 2016.
#3 capper Johnny Banks
Banks comes in at number 3, racking up over $1,400 since 2017. Johnny has a winning percentage of 57% on all of his premium Canadian football releases.
#4 Canadian football handicapper Scott Rickenbach
Scott is #4 right behind Banks with $1,400 made from his CFL plays since 2019. Rickenbach has hit on over 64% of his top-rated picks in that time frame.
#5 CFL capper Sean Murphy
Murphy rounds out the top 5 with just over $1,300 earned since 2019. Sean leads this list at over a 70% win rate on all CFL picks that he has released.

Canadian Football Rankings, Records and Leaderboards

All records and profit amounts are documented from results of plays released from the handicappers. The leaders are updated daily during the current CFL season.

It's advised to look over a handicapper's past picks and browse over their profile page before purchasing any of their present packages.

Be sure to check out daily free picks during the season to see how a handicapper is currently performing. By looking at their free selections, you will be able to see how they generally handicap CFL football.

Only results from premium selections and top-rated picks are displayed in the rankings above.

Please keep in mind that no one will hit 100% of their plays. 55-60% can make a substantial amount of profit with good money management. Also, past results doesn't always mean the same will continue to happen into the future.

All serious sports bettors should look to accumulate profits over a longer time period as well as receive the best return on their investment.

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