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Below is a collection of the best sports handicappers in the business, ready to help you win your sports bets more consistently. Proven betting experts and leaders within the sports handicapping industry that have shown documented and consistent results year after year.

Start following an expert handicapper below to guide you in the right direction of short and long-term winning wagers.

Matt Fargo

Matt Fargo is becoming recognized as one of the best and most consistent handicappers in the world. In his 14 years of handicapping, Fargo has had winning seasons 11 times. View Matt Fargo's picks

Stephen Nover

Recognized NFL expert with 21 of 23 winning seasons. Stephen claims to have the best sources in the business thanks to more than 25 years as a sportswriter, handicapper and analyst. View Stephen Nover's picks

Sal Michaels

If you are looking for a handicapper that is all about winning throughout the present and future with long-term profits, then Sal Michaels is your go-to guy. View Sal Michaels' picks

Jimmy Boyd

Jimmy Boyd ensures you success in every sport he covers. Jimmy's quality sports selections with game-breaking analysis make him a major force in the handicapping industry. View Jimmy Boyd's picks

Jack Jones

Jack Jones has long been a private consultant to some of the bigger players in the handicapping industry. If you want a service that you can trust to win and win consistently, then Jack is your guy. View Jack Jones' picks

Art Aronson

Since becoming a pro handicapping service in the Summer of 2012, AAA Sports has finished with numerous No. 1, Top 5 and Top 10 placements in almost all of the major North American sports. View Art Aronson's picks

Marc Lawrence

Marc has won over 500 documented Top 10 handicapping achievement awards in his over 40 years as a professional sports handicapper, more than anyone in the nation. View Marc Lawrence's picks

Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter is a handicapper with a great amount of experience breaking down the game in every single manner possible. Kyle's $1,000 clients are up $136,000 since 2010. View Kyle Hunter's picks

Ben Burns

Ben has earned dozens of documented Top 3 finishes in football, basketball, baseball and hockey, including numerous #1 titles at respected sports monitors. View Ben Burns' picks

Ray Monohan

Known in the online gambling industry as "The Razor". Ray bets on all games he provides to his clients, and has developed his own sports betting systems that are truly cutting-edge. View Ray Monohan's picks

Rob Vinciletti

Rob Vinciletti is one of the top analysts in the world over the last 24 years. He's right at or near the top in every major sport. Rob thoroughly analyzes every game on the board. View Rob Vinciletti's picks

Rocky Atkinson

My ability to pick winners consistently is second to none and with my money management system, you will maximize your profits week in and week out. View Rocky Atkinson's picks

Larry Ness

Larry is nearing 40 years as a professional handicapper. He's well-known for his expert game analysis and no-nonsense handicapping style, which ranks with the best in the industry. View Larry Ness' picks

Steve Merril

Steve Merril relies on numerous handicapping methods to continue to beat the pointspread on a consistent basis with his award-winning plays for 25+ years. View Steve Merril's picks

Dave Price

Dave Price's expert picks have proven to be worth their price with 28 documented top 10 finishes in football, basketball and baseball since 2008, and #1 rank overall in 2012. View Dave Price's picks

Mike Lundin

Mike Lundin is a numbers guy, with a keen eye for spotting trends and stats that just don't jive with the odds offered by the books. Mike prides himself at finding value in close match-ups. View Mike Lundin's picks

Will Rogers

Will believes that there's always value to be found somewhere and takes a conservative long-term approach to investing on sports. He's content that his long-term strategy will produce profits. View Will Rogers' picks

Joseph D'Amico

Joseph D'Amico is known in Vegas and around the country as the best Big Play 'Capper in the business. Since being documented, Joe has over 25 top 5 finishes, including several number 1. View Joseph D'Amico's picks

Jeff Alexander

There isn't anyone who is going to outwork Jeff, and the result has been one winning season after another. Jeff's 5* Wiseguy Plays have been known to hit as high as 70% for a season. View Jeff Alexander's picks

Scott Rickenbach

Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach ranks among the most consistent handicappers, year in and year out. He's built a loyal following with his consistent results and honest and open approach. View Scott Rickenbach's picks

Alex Smart

Alex has been wagering professionally on sports and horse racing for 30 years. His picks have been documented for 20 years and has earned multiple top 10 basketball and football finishes. View Alex Smart's picks

Sean Murphy

Sean's selections are based on his extensive knowledge of the game, with a strong emphasis on totals. He prides himself on going against the majority and thinking outside the box. View Sean Murphy's picks

Dennis Macklin

In an industry that offers no guarantees, nobody works harder or is better prepared to get you the money more than Dennis Macklin. The Mack Attack has your back. View Dennis Macklin's picks

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee has grown up learning the ins and outs of the sports betting industry, and is well known for his ability to bring home consistent winners in every sport he handicaps. View Brandon Lee's picks

Bryan Leonard

Bryan is a multiple award winning documented service in all sports. Participant in the Stardust Invitational, finalist in the Leroy's Money Talks contest and Golden Nugget Football Contest. View Bryan Leonard's picks

Big Al McMordie

Al McMordie is the most honored technical handicapper in the country. In the last 26 years, Big Al has garnered 42 number one awards in football, basketball, baseball and hockey. View Al McMordie's picks

Brad Diamond

Brad Diamond is a 43-year veteran of the sports service industry with many accolades including finishing #1 in the NFL 2010 and #1 College Football 2014. View Brad Diamond's picks

Ross Benjamin

Ross Benjamin has made his reputation in the sports handicapping industry by being one of the sharpest prognosticators over the last 15 years. View Ross Benjamin's picks

Sean Higgs

Sean Higgs has been crushing 'The Man' since the early 90s. He doesn't place bets just because a game is on TV or involves high profile teams. He shoots for value. View Sean Higg's picks

Doc's Sports

Doc's Sports has been a leader in the sports handicapping business since 1971. Doc's team uncovers the edge that gives clients the ability to beat the books on a consistent basis. View Doc's Sports picks

Marc David

Marc David's knowledge in sports betting has allowed him to supplement his income throughout his life by making the smart bets, whether it's with favorites or underdogs. View Marc David's picks

Ricky Tran

Ricky represents a new breed of handicapper. Youthful, enthusiastic, technically savvy and up to date with the latest tools of the trade. View Ricky Tran's picks

Tim Michael

Tim believes that sports-betting value is found in any opportunity which is profitable over the long-term. He's developed and honed an entirely unique way of identifying it. View Tim Michaels' picks

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson loves to beat the sportsbooks and is going to help you do so every single day of the year. He firmly believes that the softest lines are the opening numbers. View Mark Wilson's picks

Jim Feist

Jim Feist is a recognized leader in the sports information and gaming industry. For more than 30 years, Jim has had numerous wins in prestigious handicapping contests. View Jim Feist's picks

Trev Rogers

Trev Rogers is working hard everyday to make money for his clients. He has been one of the most successful handicappers in multiple sports since 2009. View Trev Rogers' picks

Steve Janus

Steve is an award-winning handicapper that relies on statistical analysis, trends, and situational variables. He has an uncanny ability to pick a winner when everyone else seems to be on the other side. View Steve Janus' picks

Jesse Schule

Jesse is not a believer in systems or formulas to handicap games. He's notorious for attacking inflated point spreads, soft lines and totals that are a little out of whack. View Jesse Schule's picks

Chip Chirimbes

Chip has been a mainstay in the sports handicapping game providing winning insights for over 30 years. He's known as a class act and true professional for his honesty and integrity. View Chip Chirimbes' picks

Andre Ramirez

Andre believes he is one of the best sports bettors of all time. Andre uses statistics and intangible information to beat the sportsbooks by building bankrolls one day at a time. View Andre Ramirez' picks

John Martin

John has been a handicapper on this network since 2007. He has already compiled 20 documented Top 5 finishes while competing against over 100 of the best cappers on the planet. View John Martin's picks

Freddy Wills

Freddy has been earning his clients an impressive return on investment since 2008. He has multiple national handicapping season awards for MLB and College Football. View Freddy Wills' picks

Marc Lyle

Marc has always run his service in a no nonsense way. Marc doesnt believe in hyping one certain play, but uses all his info to put out plays that will help people invest wisely. View Marc Lyle's picks

Michael Alexander

Michael has been handicapping sports for over 20 years and holds multiple top 10 rankings. He combines in-depth statistical analysis with a financial risk/reward formula. View Michael Alexander's picks

Bobby Conn

Bobby Conn is one of the sharpest minds in the handicapping business that offers winning plays in baseball, football, basketball and hockey. View Bobby Conn's picks

John Ryan

John Ryan has been handicapping baseball, football, and basketball for over 23 years. He has either won or placed in the Top 10 in dozens of contests. View John Ryan's picks

Johnny Banks

Johnny is a sharp bettor who combines his sports knowledge along with utilizing his betting partner Mr. Vegas. He is constantly focused on making his clients a consistent profit. View Johnny Banks' picks

Dana Lane

Dana has been a Las Vegas resident for over 27 years and a part of many media platforms, along with a daily spot in the Las Vegas Review Journal. Dana is all about integrity and honesty. View Dana Lane's picks

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