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If you’re looking for the best NHL handicappers to follow in 2022, you’ve found the right page.

Below you can view the top hockey handicapping experts by profit amount for the current season.

You will also be able to find out who’s been the most profitable over the last week, month, 60 days and all time.

All hockey bettors listed here have been accurately documented from results of their picks. The rankings are updated daily in-season.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Leading Handicappers for 2021-22 NHL Season

All cappers are ranked by money earned and based on $100/unit plays. Click on an expert's name to see their latest picks and packages for today.

Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L Avg. Odds Sc Score
1 Hunter Price $2,255 +11.3% 61.0% 83-53 -130 5.70
2 Rob Vinciletti $1,695 +6.9% 58.1% 111-80 -121 4.40
3 Scott Rickenbach $1,486 +3.9% 54.1% 177-150 -108 3.19
4 Mark Wilson $1,163 +3.1% 52.6% 160-144 -105 1.21
5 Alex Smart $983 +4.8% 54.5% 91-76 -111 1.19
6 Mike Lundin $891 +5.2% 58.4% 80-57 -125 2.25
7 Doc's Sports $823 +4.2% 52.6% 90-81 -101 1.94
8 Stephen Nover $733 +5.5% 55.0% 61-50 -109 1.75
9 Will Rogers $674 +2.9% 55.9% 105-83 -119 0.87
10 Tim Michael $525 +1.7% 58.5% 127-90 -142 0.01
11 Johnny Banks $103 +0.3% 53.5% 170-148 -116 0.04
12 Info Plays $101 +0.9% 53.8% 50-43 -114 0.05
13 Chip Chirimbes $90 +22.8% 66.7% 2-1 -132 0.61
14 Sean Higgs $68 +0.4% 46.2% 67-78 120 0.17

Hot Expert NHL Bettors to Follow Right Now

Below are the current top 10 hockey handicappers on winning streaks over the last 7, 30 and 60 days of the season.

If you're looking to ride the hot-hand, then these ten cappers here should be your best bet (pun intended).

The rankings are updated every day during the entire NHL season, so don't forget to check back frequently.

Top 10 NHL Handicappers over Multiple Seasons

Below you will be able to see the most profitable bettors since their first hockey pick was tracked.

These ten cappers have been the best profit earners over multiple years of handicapping the NHL.

If you prefer consistent profits over the long-term, then you should take a look at tracking one or more of the experts below.

Top 5 Hockey Bettors of All Time by Profits

#1 NHL handicapper Johnny Banks
Johnny is the leading NHL handicapper over the long haul gaining $7,000 in profit since 2009. Banks has an average winning percentage of 54% on all of his picks that he's released.
#2 hockey capper Scott Rickenbach
Scott comes in at number two with $6,600 in profits betting NHL since 2016. Scott is one of the best handicappers in all of pro sports, hockey is no exception.
#3 Hunter Price
Hunter is number three on this list accumulating over $6,200 with his NHL bets since 2017. He's won nearly 55% of all of his NHL releases.
#4 NHL handicapper Rocky Atkinson
At #4, Rocky has made over $6K of profit from results of his releases since 2008. He has hit 52% of his selections on average for over a decade.
#5 hockey bettor Alex Smart
Alex is #5 having amassed just over $6,000 in profits since 2017. Smart's first in the top 5 at a 57.4% win rate with all of his hockey picks combined.

Hockey Handicappers Records and Leaderboards

All win-loss records and profit amounts are documented from results of picks posted. The above leaderboards are updated every day during the current NHL season.

We suggest you take a look over a handicapper's past plays and read their profile page before buying any of their latest selections.

You can also check out their free NHL picks to see how they are currently making out. You will also see how a particular capper handicaps hockey games.

All free picks are excluded from the rankings on this page. Only results from premium plays and top-rated picks are listed.

Please keep in mind that no one will win every single wager abd that past success isn't always indicative of future results.

Every serious pro hockey bettor should shoot for winning more bets than they lose, as well as getting the best return on their investment.

Don't forget to check out all available NHL best bets released by hockey betting experts during the 2021 season.

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