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Best NFL Handicappers Right Now

Are you looking for the best NFL handicappers to follow in 2020? Then you have found the right page my friend.

Below you will find leading pro football handicapping services fully documented for the current season.

You will also see hot-streak runs of the top 10 ranked NFL bettors over the last 7, 30 and 60 days.

If you need more time than this season, we have that too. You can view the top money earners over multiple years, back since being first tracked on this network.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

2020 NFL Season Handicapping Leaders

Profit amounts are based off $100 unit/bet. Click on a handicapper's name to view their lastest picks and subscriptions.

RankHandicapperProfitROIWin PCTW-LAvg. OddsSc Score
1Art Aronson$1,364+32.4%70.3%26-11-11124.36
2Totals Guru$1,183+28.4%67.6%25-12-10918.29
3Rob Vinciletti$1,086+18.2%62.3%33-20-11010.58
4Info Plays$896+23.3%64.7%22-12-11010.64
5Tim Michael$808+14.3%60.4%29-19-1106.30
6Marc David$747+14.9%60.5%26-17-1125.10
7John Martin$678+11.8%58.8%30-21-1104.29
8Sal Michaels$585+17.2%61.3%19-12-1095.27
9Scott Rickenbach$584+14.6%59.5%22-15-1084.26
10Larry Ness$566+12.4%60.0%24-16-1143.69
11Ross Benjamin$521+11.0%60.0%24-16-1133.93
12Teddy Davis$407+8.2%57.5%23-17-1131.60
13Dave Price$345+8.8%57.6%19-14-1101.80
14Frank Sawyer$337+5.5%55.6%30-24-1110.95
15Steve Janus$321+12.3%58.3%14-10-1081.99
16Jeff Alexander$247+2.6%53.6%45-39-1090.34
17Matt Fargo$215+4.9%55.0%22-18-1100.55
18Brandon Lee$200+3.6%54.2%26-22-1090.39
19Rocky Atkinson$130+6.9%56.2%9-7-1100.48
20Dana Lane$117+4.3%54.2%13-11-1080.24
21Freddy Wills$93+2.6%53.3%16-14-1120.02
22Jack Jones$48+1.2%52.8%19-17-1080.05
23Ricky Tran$18+0.4%52.9%18-16-1140.01
24Sean Murphy$17+0.3%52.8%28-25-1110.01

Top 10 Hottest NFL Handicappers to Follow

Below are pro football bettors and handicapping services that are currently on a hot run over the last week, month and 60 days of the NFL season.

The cappers here are ranked in terms of profit amount and money earned with their picks over the specific time period shown.

You will be hard pressed to find an NFL handicapper that's been more profitable picking winners over the short-term than the one's currently on top.

John Martin$498+65.7%85.7%6-1
Bryan Power$392+59.7%83.3%5-1
Kyle Hunter$390+60.0%83.3%5-1
Info Plays$295+55.0%80.0%4-1
Jimmy Boyd$290+43.5%80.0%4-1
Ben Burns$290+53.4%80.0%4-1
Totals Guru$286+52.2%80.0%4-1
Dave Price$280+51.0%80.0%4-1
Ricky Tran$280+33.6%71.4%5-2
Sal Michaels$195+44.8%75.0%3-1
Totals Guru$848+38.7%73.7%14-5
Rob Vinciletti$772+19.4%62.9%22-13
Scott Rickenbach$756+31.8%68.2%15-7
Info Plays$641+29.1%68.4%13-6
Bryan Power$617+24.3%65.2%15-8
Art Aronson$599+24.3%66.7%14-7
Ricky Tran$525+22.2%65.0%13-7
Ross Benjamin$480+18.6%63.6%14-8
Ben Burns$425+16.4%60.9%14-9
Teddy Davis$414+14.6%61.9%13-8
Art Aronson$1,364+32.4%70.3%26-11
Totals Guru$1,183+28.4%67.6%25-12
Rob Vinciletti$1,086+18.2%62.3%33-20
Info Plays$896+23.3%64.7%22-12
Tim Michael$808+14.3%60.4%29-19
Marc David$747+14.9%60.5%26-17
John Martin$678+11.8%58.8%30-21
Sal Michaels$585+17.2%61.3%19-12
Scott Rickenbach$584+14.6%59.5%22-15
Larry Ness$566+12.4%60.0%24-16

Leading NFL Bettors over Multiple Years

These are the 10 best ranked pro football cappers that span over the current season.

The most consistent money-makers over multiple years of handicapping the NFL and since their first pick on this network.

If consistency over the long-term is more to your liking, then following an expert handicapper below is probably a good idea.

NFL Handicapper's Rankings and Leaderboards

All ranked handicapping services, win-loss records and profit numbers are fully documented from results of picks released and updated every day during the NFL season.

Whether you choose to follow a handicapper on a hot-streak or over a longer time frame, we hope you find success on winning more of your pro football bets.

We suggest looking over an experts profile page to see their past picks and more information about them before subscribing.


The best NFL cappers are top profit earners in the current season and over multiple years.

Art Aronson is the leading NFL handicapper in 2020, while Jeff Alexander is top-dog since 2013.

An NFL handicapper is a person who specializes in seeking an edge or advantage over the odds when predicting outcomes of pro football games.

Be sure to take a look at this week's NFL best bets and top-rated plays released by the elite handicappers above.

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