Baseball Betting Tips


The majority of sports bettor’s usually take time off during the summer baseball season, whether it be the nice weather, vacation time or just being burnt out from betting on football and basketball.

In the sports betting world, baseball is considered the off-season, but betting on baseball can be one of the most profitable sports to wager on.

Most people that bet on sports fail to realize that mlb baseball betting can be a real money maker, but at the same time, it can also be very time consuming if studied correctly. Unlike most other sports, baseball is a long season with plenty of value to be found and profits to be made.

Listed below, in no particular order, are a few reasons that betting on baseball can be very profitable.

1. MLB baseball is played almost everyday during the season. There are more than enough games to be selective. For the most part, teams play three game series over the course of three days, making it rather easy to find value in underdogs and an overall profit during that particular series.

2. There are no point spreads in baseball, just moneylines. Betting on a good mixture of underdogs at the same bet size can land you a nice profit, even with a losing record. Also, there are far less line moves in baseball. Lines are usually set by how well a team is performing, rather than the majority of public perception with pointspreads in other sports.

3. Out of all sports, baseball is probably the most well known for streaks. With each team playing five or six days a week, there are many more streaks to be predicted. Riding a hot team or fading (betting against) a slumping one at the right time can be a gold mine.

4. Some online sports books offer dime or 10-cent lines for baseball wagering. It’s far more easier to win over the long haul using these lines when betting on baseball, rather than the usual 20-cent moneylines on football or basketball bets. A few cents here and there can go a long way during the whole baseball season and in your overall success.

5. Baseball odds are usually set with starting pitching in mind. There are many well-known pitchers with inflated prices and some that are just coming up during the season that get little to no respect from the bookmakers. Finding the value of the up-and-coming pitchers and keeping up with bullpens can be a good head start on beating the book.

The baseball season is long and can be grueling with many ups and downs, so be sure to stay selective and focused on what teams you end up betting, try to keep your bet size around the same and do your homework on a daily basis.

Some of the things to look for when making an educated bet on baseball is starting pitchers, relief pitchers (bullpen), rest time of bullpen, weather reports, ballparks, home and away records, umpire tendencies, hitting averages off certain pitchers, winning and losing streaks, trends for the year and so on.

Keep in mind when wagering on baseball, there are alot of opportunities during the season to bet underdogs and find value.

Do your homework and try to make your own decision on who you think will win before looking at the actual line on a baseball team your interested in betting.

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