Different Kinds of Sports Betting


Being a devoted fan has its perks. For instance, you have something to look forward to every day with news of trades, acquisitions, matches, and related items greeting you first thing in the morning.

Watching the matches also provides an adrenaline rush that is unlike anything else. Those who are players themselves can find inspiration from the favourite team regarding skills and strategy.

Most of all, fans can make money with their knowledge of the game. There are many different kinds of betting that can be used for this purpose. It’s just another form of gambling just like playing those Royal Vegas casino games.

Money Line Bets

These involve straight betting on the team or individual that you think will win the match. There are no points spread to complicate matters. Bettors can risk whatever amount of money they are comfortable parting with in case the result is not in their favour. If you pick a favourite, then you are likely to win less money than if you picked an underdog.

Those who take a chance on underdogs often lose but when they win, they win quite a sum. The odds are usually denoted with plus and minuses. A game may have +150 for one side and -200 for another. This means that you can win $150 if you place $100 on the first team. You will have to put down $200 to win $100 on the other team.

In Play Bets

This is a relatively recent phenomenon that has quickly gained traction. It only became possible due to the advanced of technologies. It is also called live betting because bettors make their decisions while the game is ongoing.

Money is transferred through digital means and people can see the odds change as the circumstances change on the field. For example, they can guess which side will score the next goal or what the final score will be. It provides viewers with something to do while the commercials are playing. It makes the game more exciting as the odds change nearly every minute and they are challenged to decide.

Head-to-head Bets

These are common in sports where there are more than two competitors playing at the same time. Examples include Formula One and NASCAR racing. The pro golf circuit is another good illustration.

It is difficult to set odds for such a large field so people usually pick favourites among them and put them head-to-head. The winner will be determined by the relative placement of these players at the end of the tournament. Neither has to win the trophy. One simply has to outperform the other. It’s a great way to follow close rivalries as it adds to the drama.

Fantasy Sports Bets

Playing fantasy sports has certainly skyrocketed in recent times. This involves the creation of your own team from the active players in the league and matching their stats against the teams of other fantasy managers.

You can join a league where people compete against each other based on their team’s performance. You can also make bets and make things more interesting.

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