Football Betting Tips


NFL and college football are without a doubt, the most popular and wagered on sports. There is an abundance of bettors from sharp players to the weekend warrior betting on football every Saturday and Sunday.

Football is probably the most bet on because pro and college teams usually play once a week on a big stage, rather than everyday in most other sports.

A good percentage of football games will be on public television or easily accessible for viewing. There is nothing more the average sports bettor likes than to wager on a football game that they can watch live, hence the major super bowl and college bowl betting action.

Most people will end up betting on football with their heart, favorite team or just going with the previous week’s trends and placing a bet on the favorite, rather than actually doing their homework and finding true value on the current week at hand.

There are a few things to take into consideration when betting on football over the course of a season.

1. Grab the Best Line and Bet it Accordingly

NFL and college football point spreads are usually set around the numbers 3 (field goal) and 7 (touchdown). A half-point on these numbers can be huge in the outcome of a football game.

Whether you plan on betting the favorite or underdog, it’s important to shop around to find the best number available.


Always look at the teams injury report prior to placing your bets on football, but don’t use it as a heavy factor. Most bookmakers set lines or adjust them throughout the week with injures in mind.

While some cases it’s warranted, like a star quarterback being out, sometimes it’s not, as most football teams have decent backups at a wide variety of positions. This is a minor factor unless it’s a key position.

2. Study Teams and Matchups

Study and gather as much information as you can get on a football matchup. Look at local team newspapers, the wide variety of online information with a football handicapping perspective and anything else you can get your eyes on.

Study the teams strengths and weaknesses, home and road records, how teams matchup against one another, etc. Stay informed as much as possible.

Streaks and Trends Mean Little in Football

Because a football game is played once a week, there is hardly any momentum like in basketball or baseball, that is usually played everyday. Don’t look into trends, streaks and previous week outcomes too much or be the deciding factor when betting on a particular football team.

3. Manage Your Money and Bet Wisely

Both NFL and college football are long seasons. Don’t bet your whole bankroll in one week. Only bet your strongest picks for the week at the same wager size and leave all other ones out.

Don’t distinguish what teams you wager on because they’re on TV. A good practice of football betting is not wagering on a game you don’t like, regardless of the situation.

4. Keep Teasers and Parlays to a Minimum

You would be amazed at how many times teams on a teaser bet covers the regular spread, so the extra points aren’t needed or vise verse. If your going to bet parlays, make sure it’s nothing more than a 2-team money line parlay.

Winning one single wager is tough enough, let alone two or more on one bet. Don’t give the sportsbook the benefit of the doubt with these wagers.

There are more factors to smartly bet on football, but the key ingredients to remember is have fun, bet wisely, use proper money management and never wager on anything more than you can afford to lose.

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