Parlay Odds Calculator


A parlay is a single bet involving two or more teams in which all teams (individual wagers placed) must win. If one team fails to win, the parlay bet automatically loses.

If one of the wagers in your parlay card pushes or ties, it would revert to the next lowest payout odds. An example would be a four-team parlay becomes a 3-team parlay. The push is simply thrown out.

The more teams you place in a parlay bet, the better payout odds you will receive. Use the parlay calculator below to easily calculate the odds you would receive of up to ten teams or players.

How to Use the Parlay Calculator

1. Enter the dollar amount of your parlay bet.
2. Enter the prices/lines of up to ten teams in the lines column. Favorites must have a minus sign (-) before the number ex. (-200) and underdogs a plus sign (+) ex. (+200).
3. Press the calculate button to get the amount of your total payout.
4. Do not enter anything in the factor column.

5. This parlay calculator is for money lines only.

Parlay bets are difficult to win with the more teams you play. Make sure to keep them to a minimum as high payout odds are unlikely and offered by sportsbooks for this reason.

Parlay Amount ($)
Teams Lines Factor
Parlay Payout ($)
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