Reasons to Bet on Baseball


Baseball is one of the easiest and most difficult sports to wager on with an online sportsbook. The baseball season is the low time for the books as they wind down from a busy NFL and March Madness.

Smart bettors will say this is the best time to put a dent in a sports book by taking on baseball. The key word in that last sentence was smart. Betting baseball is easy, betting baseball smart is not so easy.

So how does a novice go about learning the ropes of baseball? Below are tips and hints to help the novice or experienced bettor when it comes to betting and winning in the major leagues.

Do the math: The trick to betting baseball is to understand the money line. When you first look at the lines for baseball, they may be a bit confusing. At first glance you will feel like you need to be a math major to understand them.

Many sports books have tutorials that explain the money line in baseball and how to bet them. Once you do this, you will see just how easy it actually is.

Try betting small to start and see just how easy it is to understand them.

Pitching counts: Pitching will single-handedly drive the line in baseball, so when looking at lines for a game, make sure you know the pitcher and what he means to his team. Knowing the starter and how he is performing of late, will help in deciding if the line is set right for your selection.

The Pen is mightier than the starter: When looking at your starters numbers, don’t forget the bullpen. The starter would have to go nine innings for the bullpen to not be a factor. In this day and age that rarely happens. Keeping abreast of the bullpen’s numbers will help you avoid late inning collapses.

.500 pays the player: When betting baseball, consider this. If you mainly take underdogs, then you can have a record below .500 and finish with a profit.

Try to focus on the dog teams that have a shot at winning or keep your juice below -150. This will allow you to minimize the damages on losing days and capitalize on winning days.

Parlays are ok: The parlay wager is one of the most tempting and riskiest bets out there, but they also offer the most rewards.

Bettors should still approach them with caution when wagering on them and keep these wagers to a minimum, but in baseball they are more accepted. The reason is because they reduce the amount of chalk you would be losing on a big favorite when you throw them in a parlay.

These are just a few tips to keep handy when betting baseball. The longer you bet, the more tips and tools you will discover and the better you will become.

Once you get to wagering on baseball, you will be glad you did and will find it to be one of the best sports to bet on.

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