MLB Baseball Wagering Tips


Are you missing out on the huge potential of MLB baseball wagering? If you bet on sports, I’m sure football is on your mind come September, but when April rolls around, many bettors skip baseball.

As an advocate of betting on MLB, I can tell you it can pay big dividends over the course of the summer. There are many games played each day and plenty of winning propositions to be found.

Baseball is probably the most streakiest sport to bet on. With big cards almost everyday, there will be many winning and losing days throughout the season. What’s important to understand is utilizing your winning streaks and limiting your losing ones.

In any sport, you have to hit around 53% of your wagers to make an overall profit. Setting your goal and mindset around this number is ideal, as setting the bar too high could mean failure right out of the gates. This is especially true with baseball, hence all the games played and wagers placed throughout the season.

Some key things to keep in mind when wagering on baseball

Stay Selective and Patient

With so many games on the baseball schedule, there is more than enough chances to pick your spots and stay selective. Only bet your strong plays that you think have value and leave the rest alone.

Long Term Mindset

The baseball season is a long one, there will be many ups and downs. Try not to over react to short term results. Think towards winning over the course of a whole season and don’t fall into bad habits from temporary results.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bet Underdogs

If you’ve done your research on a baseball game, but find that the team you like is the underdog, by all means don’t shy away just because they aren’t favored to win. Betting against the public is usually a good thing. Value in baseball wagering is usually finding a good price on an underdog.

Find Streaks and Ride Them

Throughout the season, many baseball teams will go through streaks. Betting on a team that had won the day before is always better than gambling on a team that lost. You would be surprised on how many teams win or lose 3 or 4 games in a row during the season.

Use Statistics Wisely

The only stats that matter from past years is pitcher versus batter numbers. The rest don’t mean much. Look for angles and go with the flow of the present season at hand. How a team is currently performing and starting pitchers for a particular game should be the focal point of baseball handicapping.

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks usually post different lines for favorites and underdogs. Some offer 10-cent or “dime” lines for baseball gambling. It’s always wise to look around for the best line possible, than to settle for the same lines at one sportsbook.

Bet Run Lines and Parlays with Caution

Winning a single baseball wager by one run is tough enough. Try not to get into the habit of stacking odds against you by playing a lot of run lines and parlays. Stick to single money line bets with an occasional run line or 2-team parlay mixed in.

In Conclusion

When wagering on baseball, it’s always important to come up with a goal for yourself and stick with a game plan, adjusting as the long season progresses. Take it one day at a time, stay patient, find value and baseball will become an investment, rather than just gambling.

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