NCAA Basketball Tournament Betting


March Madness is the best time of the year and it’s all because of the passion that comes with NCAA basketball.

The month of March has the most basketball packed into it and employees leaving work early to catch the noon game to see how the office pool will work out is a popular activity.

Betting on the NCAA basketball tournament is a rival to the Super Bowl as the busiest time of the year for online sportsbooks. The volume of business goes through the roof.

As a bettor, you need to be prepared to the best of your ability to make money in the tournament and keep from getting overwhelmed from the amount of games that are delivered to perfection every single day.

This article will cover some hints, tips, and trends to handling the March madness brackets and making some money along the way.

Keep your brackets away from your wagers

Many bettors make the mistake of betting on the teams they have advanced on the bracket that they filled out. This normally would not seem like such a bad idea as most people take filling out the bracket very seriously and with plenty of research.

If you are going to use this philosophy, then make sure you only do it for the first round. These brackets have to be filled out before the tournament starts, so they often have no value when it comes to wagering after the first round.

Find your Cinderella

The college basketball tournament is always full of upsets and many of the teams that upset favorites in the big dance go more than one round.

With this in mind, I encourage bettors to bet more underdogs than favorites and follow them deeper than one round. The trick is to find which team to follow.

Follow the tournaments

The big dance is not the only tournament to follow. To prepare for the big dance you should watch and follow the conference tournaments.

This will give you a feel for the teams that are playing and will introduce you to teams that have the ability to pose a threat to higher ranked teams in March Madness.

Don’t just resign yourself to watching the big tournaments; make sure you watch the smaller conferences as they play for a shot at a tournament berth.

The championship game in this smaller tournaments are a must as the teams playing in that game are usually the only ones that have a shot of making the dance.

Slipper doesn’t fit the 16 seed

My advice is to pass altogether on the 16 seed. They never win straight up and are always big underdogs of double digits.

If you go against them, there is a chance that they can make it close and if you bet on them, you will quickly realize why they are seeded so low when the #1 seed promptly gives them a drubbing. It’s best to just pass on this meeting as other games provide better value.

Get your point across

When handicapping the meetings between two teams, I have found that you cannot put enough value on an experienced point guard.

At the end of the game, there is nothing more important than a floor general that will handle the rock. With experience, he will be able to keep his cool, control the tempo and find the open man while avoiding turnovers.

This is the beginning when it comes to ways of gaining an edge in March Madness.

Make sure to study and gather as much information as possible in preparation for the big dance. Following these tips and doing in-depth research, will give you the edge to making a profit betting on college basketball and the NCAA Tournament.

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