Basketball Betting Tips


NBA and college basketball are right behind football when it comes to betting on sports nationwide. NBA basketball starts in about October and ends in June, while college basketball starts in October and ends in March with the NCAA tournament.

Both seasons are pretty much in the same time-frame, meaning a bunch of action to wager on basketball almost everyday.

Basketball can be the most exciting and enjoyable sport to watch. With all of the action up and down the court, including the wild buzzer beaters and game winning shots. Most people that bet on basketball do it for this exact reason, for the action or to bet on thier favorite teams.

While this may be fun for most, this same reason gives the savvy sports bettor a headache and a real roller coaster ride.

Here are a few tips when betting on Basketball

There are many factors on profiting from wagering on basketball. For one, staying in-tune with the season is key. Do your homework. Following team streaks, home and road records as well as injuries are among the most important aspects to being successful when your placing bets.

Good coaches, style of play and team chemistry can also have a major impact.

Spotting the teams that have a deep bench, playing well together, play defense and buying into the style of play the coach is preeching, can be a good way to ride and bet on certain teams on a consistent basis.

The three most common ways to bet on basketball is point spreads, money lines and totals.

Most sports bettors use the point spread while betting on basketball. This is a number placed by sportsbooks on a team to cover or win by (favorite) and a team to stay within that number (underdog).

Totals are a number for both basketball teams total points. To exceed that number is called the “Over” and to stay below that number, it’s called the “Under”.

Between the NBA, and especially college basketball, there are alot of games played each day during a long season. Don’t get overwhelmed, try to stay selective at all times. Study and breakdown as much information as you can to come up with a wise selection.

Money management is also important, probably the most to wagering on basketball. You will have win streaks and losing streaks, try to take advantage of the winning ones and weather the losing ones.

There is nothing worse than grinding out a profit during the first three months, to lose it all the following week.

Have fun, but remember the golden rule of all sports betting, to be successful, winning is a marathon over a course of a season and not a sprint over a couple of weeks.

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